Dear friends!

We are: my husband,  Colin Campbell Drown - my teacher, my driver to the Tao of Love, amazing father, lover and friend. And me, Marina Dadasheva-Drown (Prigoda),- mother, wife and spiritual midwife, and also our children and grand-children, due to which we’re young and flexible. Our responsibility for them helps us to stay all the time in the creativity, do not stop on what we’ve got already, all the time aim to be more interesting, understandable – and have more teachers. 


18 июля, Онлайн-курс:
Жизнь после рождения, созидательная семья

Dec 1-7, 2020, Tao Garden
Healthy, Happy Sex Life for All with Tao & Tantra

  We gladly invite you to our SEMINARS IN THAILDAND)) we meet you again in this beautiful country. See upcoming

Also, we’ll be glad to see you in our Centre for Water Birth in Thailand, where you can prepare yourself for giving birth, meet the newborn, and learn to live with him in harmony and mutual understanding. 

We’re in love and we bring it to everyone we can support and, to everyone who needs our experience, and who’s ready to become our teachers. We thank all men and women who brought us to our friendship.